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Becoming Her Circle


The BecomingHER Circle Accountability Planner will guide you through setting specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound goals that will prove beneficial for your business and personal life! It will help you convert your abstract ideas into measurable goals and ensure you can achieve them by tracking your progress.

Setting such goals with the BeComingHER Circle Accountability Planner will help you trust yourself and your abilities, which will streamline your workflow and increase your productivity. It will provide you with not only accountability but inspiration and encouragement along the way.

The BecomingHER Circle Accountability Planner is vital to ensure you stay true to your journey of BECOMING!

Becoming HER Planner



Becoming Her Circle Accountability Community


We are a group of results-driven women who are willing to share their goals, their knowledge/experiences and their support for each other in setting goals and holding each other accountable for achieving them. In our community, we TAKE ACTION! Our community is filled with women who love to celebrate the small and big wins and discuss losses as lessons that will guide us to all to BECOMING HER, the women we desire to be!

The BecomingHER Circle will provide you with:

  • Once a week live “TAKE ACTION GOALS” Zoom meeting
  • Once A MONTH OPEN LIVE CALL to announce your goal for the month
  • Meetups and Retreats
  • BecomingHER Circle Accountability Planner
  • 1:1 Coaching by appointment only

If this sounds like something that will benefit you, can’t wait to see you on the inside of the CIRCLE!

Danielle Carr

Mindset Coach and CEO and founder of BecomingHER Circle.

Proudly coaching women all over the world on how to become who they desire to be by taking accountability of their daily actions to fulfill and reach their goals.

With over so years of experience in the health and wellness industry, it was imperative to create a space for women to evolve, elevate, and inspire by taking full accountability of where they are and where they desire to be.


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